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IB Turbo Pvt Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of efficient small and industrial size steam turbines in India.
These Turbines are suitable for CO-GENERATION, Captive Power or Shaft Power as mechanical drive.
IB Turbo’s Turbine range includes
Back Pressure Steam Turbines
Multiple Back Pressure Steam Turbines
Back Pressure cum Condensing Turbines
100% Condensing Steam Turbines
Customised Steam and ORC Turbines
These turbines are very efficient and typical payback from these turbines is less than one year.
IB Turbo machines are operating in several countries around the world including Thailand, Malaysia, Romania, Poland, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Singapore and India.
Besides Steam Turbines, IB Turbo can offer complete advise for Boiler Selection, Pipeline design and optimizing of Process parameters.
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