What are Condensing Turbines?

Condensing Turbines: are steam turbine where the steam expands below the atmospheric pressure and then “condenses” while heating the cooling water in a condenser.

After the steam exits the outlet of the condensing turbine, the steam’s pressure is so low that it is no longer available for providing power for industrial applications.

Condensing turbines could be used in industrial power plants as condensing tails connected to back-pressure turbines. In cases of low demand for process steam the steam surplus is run through the condensing tail to generate more power.  

A condensing turbine does not differ much from a back-pressure turbine in respect of its’ overall dimensions, steam values (with the exception of outlet pressure), delivery time and price. 

Extraction Condensing Turbines

Condensing Turbines


High Reliability Small Power Plant


BCT-6 is the universal turbine of choice for small power plants. It’s rugged construction and simplified control system ensures long duration between overhauls, and simple operation for Power plant managers. The rigid rotor construction ensures operators do not have to worry about high-speed balancing and critical speeds during start-up.

An extraction connection is provided for process steam requirements. The turbine has found wide acceptance in Biomass based, Waste to Energy and Captive generation power plants as well as district heating applications.

Condensing Turbines


Reliable and rugged condensing turbines designed for steam flows upto 25 TPH, and 3.5 MW Shaft power.

  • Rated speed of 7000 RPM Turbine ensures a balance between ease of operation and efficiency.
  • Upto Eight Stage of blade rows for maximum efficiency.
  • Provision for steam extraction upto 12 bar(a).
  • Horizontally split steam casing ensures easy inspection of the internals without disturbing the steam lines.
  • Rigid rotor construction ensures no requirement of Barring Gear.
  • Can be provided with tilting pad white metal lined gearbox bearings.
  • Can be provided with Hydro-Mechanical or Electronic Governors.
  • No requirement for Control Oil System.
  • Ideal for captive power plants, solar thermal systems and waste to energy plants.
  • Suitable for Low Pressure, Low enthalpy steam sources.
  • Exhaust spray system provides high turndown ratio.


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