Pressure Reducing Turbine


The Pressure Reducing Turbine generates electricity by by passing of the Pressure Reducing Station


Our PRT is the most popular energy efficiency device for steam users. The flexibility offer by the PRT is unmatched, as it adapts to all operation parameter changes, including variable steam flow, pressure and temperature. Ring lubrication ensures failsafe operation in all conditions.

The induction generator ensures all seamless synchronising and utilisation of power generated. Along with the guidance of our team of engineers, installation is simple, and operation is simple. Most users have reported payback is within 1 year of operation.


  • Robust double bearing rotor with 3000 RPM design ensures highest operation reliability
  • Horizontally Split Steam casing ensures easy inspection of the internals without disturbing the steam lines.
  • Suitable for operation with saturated steam
  • Ring Lubricated bearings ensures no requirement for Pressurised oil system.
  • Can handle large variations in process steam demand and Boiler pressure.
  • Touchscreen Panel ensures ease of operation.
  • Induction Generator ensures easy synchronising with Grid.
  • Pneumatic control valve ensures optimum process pressure.
  • Option of labyrinth and control ring steam seals


Frame Parameters

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